Mathew K. Isaac, Ph.D.
Executive Director - Economic Development and Corporate Training

As the district director, Dr. Isaac provides leadership for the administration, development, marketing, management, and delivery of corporate training, professional development and economic development programs and services offered by the SBCCD through the Professional Development Center. He also supervises the regional Center of Excellence that provides performance consulting and economic development services for the 11 community colleges in Region 9. Before joining the PDC, Dr. Isaac held the position of director of the Institute for Training and Development at Valley College and served as a faculty member, department head, and divisional director at the University of Toledo. He received an M.A. from Christ Church College and M.A., M.A. Ed., and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Toledo, Ohio.

Stacy B. Sysawang
Clerical Assistant II

Ms. Sysawang provides clerical and registration support services for the short-term professional development programs offered at the PDC.